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Business Coaching - Woman CoachingBusiness Coaching consists of one-on-one coaching with key executives and individuals within a company to enhance the personal and financial performance of their staff and organization. I specifically work with clients to help remove roadblocks to your company’s financial potential, profitability and performance.

Quickbooks Pro Advisor.

Karen helps individuals and businesses to establish their accounting and bookkeeping systems from the ground up. As a QuickbooksPro Advisor, she will analyze your individual situation, create a customized bookkeeping system that meets your individual needs and help problem solve as issues arise.  Karen has the experience and expertise to get to the source of your bookkeeping errors and mysteries.  She is adept at finding and creating solutions to your bookkeeping issues.  More importantly, she will teach you how to use this system from the inside out. This includes teaching you the language of accounting so you can read the numbers and understand reports.

Using QuickbooksPro, Premier or Enterprise Solutions to keep track of your books will help eliminate much of the stress around money, financial and business planning. In the end, it will also empower you to stay on top of your accounting system and make informed decisions about the future of your business.


Here is an article from Intuit’s Quickbooks website:

QuickBooks® ProAdvisor takes holistic accounting approach in helping creative clients grow their businesses

Perhaps it’s her experience as a holistic counselor, or her expertise as both a life and a business coach. Together, they enable Karen Harvey to take a “whole view” accounting approach to her clients and their businesses and what they want to create. She uses QuickBooks®: Premier Professional Services Edition software to help her creative and innovative clients to minimize their aversion to numbers.

Located in the city of Novato, in the San Francisco Bay area, Karen has an eclectic group of clients. Among them are entrepreneurs, consultants, interior designers, musicians, fine artists, record labels, jewelry designers, alternative health practitioners and others. “I work with a lot of really creative people,” said Karen. “They’re really good at what they do. But they get to a point where they have to get a handle on what they have and what they want to move their business forward. That’s when I get them on QuickBooks: Premier Professional Services Edition.”

Karen says that when new clients come to her they’re often intimidated by bookkeeping systems and accounting in particular. Numbers is one of the things she and her clients discuss, so she approaches their business management needs from a different angle—that bookkeeping isn’t about adding and subtracting, it’s about organizing information. She has her clients look at financial software like QuickBooks as an organizational system; a concept that’s easily grasped by her visually oriented clientele. “They like the way QuickBooks: Premier is structured,” she said, “and I like that there’s a version specific to professional services.”

What Karen really appreciates about QuickBooks: Premier Professional Services Edition is its flexibility. Many of her clients don’t have financial or accounting experience, yet by utilizing the flexibility in QuickBooks she can design custom reports and teach her clients how to read them so everything works for them. They can see how they’re doing, plan, and move forward…

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