Welcome to Inner Wealth Wisdom online. Meet Karen Harvey, a Certified Money Coach (CMC)®, Master Money Coach & Trainer, and QuickBooks Pro Consultant. I provide several financial services, from money coaching to QuickBooks Pro consulting…Read more on our Services Page.

About Karen

Karen Harvey has a very diverse and eclectic background that incorporates a wide variety of modalities in which she has been trained and which can be utilized as needed in her work with clients.

As a Certified Money Coach, Karen works with clients to help them identify and understand their money patterns and behaviors that interfere with their personal, financial and/or professional potential. She uses an archetypal system that makes it easy to discover who you are in relationship to money and why that is so. As you become more aware of the patterns operating within you, you and Karen work together to find new and healthier strategies that allow you to move beyond old beliefs and limitations.

Hands with Leaves - Lead into Gold - money coachingKaren is trained as a Money Coach, a Life and Transformational Coach and Archetypal Consultant and can help you progress in many areas of your life, both personally and financially. In addition, on the practical level, she has an extensive background in accounting and bookkeeping systems and has been a QuickBooks Pro Advisor for over ten years.  Karen can also help you create easy-to-use financial management systems in either your personal or business life.  Over the years Karen has developed programs and trainings that teach people how to heal and reveal the shadow within and to access their inner knowing to move forward into being fully empowered, both financially and creatively.

Karen’s life purpose is about empowering others to create and manifest their highest potential. She inspires and empowers individuals and business owners to overcome obstacles and to implement effective strategies that allow them to achieve their own vision.


Karen a member of the International Money Coaching Association.





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All coaching sessions can be conducted effectively in person or by phone. Contact me for a complimentary Money Type consultation or 20 minute session to see which option might work best for you. Let me help you move past old patterns and create the life you truly desire! Here are some coaching options: Individual Coaching …

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